ARTIANA – Highlights – Lot 46 – F.N. Souza Works on Paper – Online Auction – No Buyer’s Premium – 5-9 December 2019

F.N. Souza routinely came back to his favorite motifs throughout his career. A recurrent theme of his works was the conflicts in man-woman relationships with an emphasis on sexual tension and friction, as seen in the current image executed in 1974. 

Untitled (1974) -pen and ink on paper – 10.75 x 7.75 in. (27.1 x 19.9 cm.)

In the drawing, he was able to maintain an excellent economy on his use of line while still managing to capture fine details. He employed an abundance of detailing, which made up the overall structure of his subjects. Disfigured and malformed, this image of a couple was part of the ‘mutant’ studies that Souza did in conjecture with nuclear warfare in what he predicted as the eventual downfall of man.

Auction Catalogue – F.N. Souza Works on Paper – The Ravi and Uma Jain Collection – 5 – 9 December 2020